i’ve written some plays that you can find on my new play exchange account! If you don’t have a new play exchange account and want to read any one, just email me at or use the contact form on the website! Thanks!

the big dance

Middle school is hard. It's especially hard for Gerge and Clam, who have found themselves kidnapped by a cult leader. They're locked away, forced to learn the religion of their new leader, teacher, and kind of dad, Brother Joshua. When he hosts a prom for the two of them, Gerge finds the perfect time to escape from his evil clutches. Convincing Clam to escape instead of slow dance will be a bit harder.

The play was produced by Rareworks Theater company at Emerson College in March 2018. Download the script here!


the book of animatronics

A retelling of the book of genesis through humanity’s greatest creation, amusement park animatronics. An immersive theme park experience with four different vignettes, ranging from It’s A Small World robots trying to figure out what else exists beyond their ride, to two colonial women animatronics coming to terms with their exhibit being refurbished and their feelings for each other.

Download the script here!